Curriculum Vitae

Born in Idstein, Germany
A-levels (= Abitur) at High School of Idstein
71 - 73
Studies at Frankfurt College of Music (Musikhochschule), main subject classical guitar (Professor  Heinz Teuchert), courses together with Michael Teuchert and Olaf van Gonissen of the "Frankfurter Gitarrenduo".
71 - 78
Teaching guitar at Idstein's music school ("Jugendmusikschule")
79 - 80
Ongoing studies at the Conservatory at Bregenz, Austria (Mr. Gaupp-Berghausen), teaching music at the Lauterach High School ("Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium") in Austria's state Vorarlberg.
Final examinations at the Wiesbaden Conservatory of Music, Germany.
83 - 96
Teaching guitar, recorder and elementary musical education at the "Weilburger Musikschule", Germany.
96 - 98
Journey round the Pacific Ocean as a backpacker; the book about the travels has been published (in German) in January 2002 through "Books on Demand", ISBN 3-8311-2930-4; 396 pages, with numerous maps and drawings, about 20.- Euro.
Since 98
Freelance teacher at several places near the home town of Idstein, Germany


Long-term Big Band membership as in several combos and other groups; genres have been Classic, Folk, Pop, Beat, Rock and last not least, Jazz. A little stock of classical guitar pieces is to be permanently enlarged by self- compositions and transcriptions/arrangements of contemporary Œuvres out of Jazz and Pop.