Short for "Tascam Digital Interface Format"; a digital 8-channel interface that is primarily used for connecting digital multi-track recorder (DTR) by Tascam.

1) In any SCSI bus system, the first and last device in the chain have to be equipped with an activated terminating resistor, the circumspectly-named "terminator." Available either as a software switch or external plug that fits the SCSI port.
2) Arnold S.

Total Harmonic Distortion (: An audio measurement specification used to determine how accurately a device can reproduce an input signal at its output.
THD describes the cumulative level of the harmonic overtones the device being tested adds to an input sine wave.
THD + n is a specification that includes both harmonic distortion of the sine wave and nonharmonic noise.

Refers to manufacturers that are not the manufacturer of your audio program.

The characteristics that differentiate one instrument, voice or sound from another. It can be thought of as the texture or characteristics that define a sound. Very difficult to define! Notes of the same pitch and volume may have a different timbre. In electronic music, timbre sometimes refers to a synthesizer voice or patch > Multitimbral

time code
A type of signal that contains information about location in time. Used for a synchronization reference when synchronizing two or more machines such as sequencers, drum machines, and tape decks.

Time Variant Amplifier
Alters the volume of an audio signal over a period of time, often based on an envelope.

Time Variant Filter
Alters the brightness, thickness and other aspects of an audio signal over a period of time using filters, often based on an envelope.

Time Variant Pitch
Alters the pitch of an audio signal over a period of time, often based on an envelope

Equipped with a sensing mechanism that responds to variations in key velocity or pressure by sending out a corresponding control signal.
> velocity, aftertouch.

Verb: To be controlled by or follow in some proportional relationship (as when a filter's cutoff frequency tracks the keyboard, moving up or down depending on what note is played).
Noun: One of a number of independent memory areas in o sequencer. By analogy with tape tracks, sequencer tracks are normally longitudinal with respect to time and play back in sync with other tracks.

Track At Once
CD-R recorder mode: Each track is written individually to the CD-R. The laser that is doing the writing is switched off at the end of a track and switched on again at the start of the next track > Disk At Once

Extremely brief signal peaks, for instance a kick drum impulse with a great deal of "click"; Have usually brief duration and higher amplitude than the sustaining components, and occurre near the onset of the sound (attack transients).

A periodic change in amplitude, usually controlled by an LFO, with a periodicity of less than 20 Hz; also see vibrato.